To reward the readers who have made it through the entire article, readers who get their questions picked and shown in the Part 2: AMA article will win $100. A $1000 BUSD will be rewarded to the best question hand picked by Zeus Thunder ⚡️.

Dear Thoreum, Garudians and Cerberion…

THOREUM’S Higher Static Rewards & Automatic True Burn & Buy Back will rewards holders greatly and keep price up in the long term.

The purpose of Thoreum is to be the worlds first TRUE hyper deflationary token, the best coin for HODLING. …

Dear Garudians and Cerberions community,

Today, June 16th, multiple farms their native tokens were exploited all the way to $0.00. KetchupSwap, Lokum, YBear, Piggy, CaramelSwap. Sadly enough GoCerberus and Garuda were exploited as well.

Are the funds safe?

All non-native funds in our contracts are safe, and you are able to withdraw them without…

Presale is better than fair-launch because it’s fair between people and not affected by bots.


  1. After you bought $THOREUMPRESAL (presale token), just HOLD it until presale end
  2. All $THOREUM presale token you can buy on Pancakeswap before presale…
GarudaSwap and Cerberus are Recommended by DappRadar — Jun 13 2021


Recently we have been contemplating and trying to decipher what aspects are essential for users of CERBERUS and GARUDA, along with other transaction taxed tokens.

GarudaSwap Explodes onto Binance Smart Chain — DappRadar Blog, May 10 2021

Yield Farm Cerberus Burns 8% of Every Transaction — DappRadar Blog, May 27…

Dear Community,

This might be the first time you are hearing about me because normally I prefer to work and not be known. But today I have decided to create an account where people will be able to reach me and know me and my team better, and fully understand as much of what we are doing and have in plans for Thoreum.

Unlike other projects, we have already invested into a large scale marketing campaign and over the course of the next few days, you will start to see Thoreum all over BSC’s popular platforms and we will push the boundaries of what you thought was once impossible, will now be possible.

Zeus Thunder ⚡️

THOREUM Tokenomics | THOREUM Airdrop bot | Why THOREUM is needed for CERBERUS users

Mining and holding THOREUM earns 8 times

⚡1. Earn Effortless Holding Rewards

A 8% transaction fee is redistributed proportionally to all THOREUM investors. Just hold your tokens and watch your wallet balance climb steadily.

⚡2. Earn Liquidity Mining Rewards using the proven “Earn like hell, burn like hell” tokenomics of goCerberus, a project that proved itself to be one…

Thoreum Finance

The World First Liquidity Mining Coin with Static Rewards. THOREUM have many innovative features that help users earn & win bigger.

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