First $400K of THOREUM capital has been deployed in stable coins farming

Thoreum strategic investment team has decided to deploy our first $200K USD in of Fantom blockchain. We deposited 200,000 MIM stable coin with 117% APY.

The second $200K is divided into $100K DAI and $100K MIM and farming with 2800%+ APY

As per our low-risk strategy, 50% to 80% of Thoreum treasury will be optimized toward long-term stability of the system, we will use mostly stable coin to farm in the highest stable coin yield farm.

We will use about 10–30% for medium risk strategy & about 0–20% for high risk strategy.

🔊X2 BUSD rewards to celebrate Thoreum V2 successfully upgraded. Buy Thoreum now




Thoreum Defi 3.0 Multi-chain Passive Income Venture Capital.

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