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5 min readMar 12, 2023

Thoreum Hero NFT is the 2023 Highest Passive Income in the crypto world. This investment option guarantees daily income in BNB of up to 1%, earned simply by holding NFTs in your wallet. The best part is, there are no capital locks, no staking requirements, and you can receive 100% of your initial deposit within one month from the time you mint. Your NFTs are also tradable on any NFT Marketplace at any time! Here is a breakdown of your 2023 best opportunity to make passive income sustainably.

The Highest Passive Income NFT, around 1%* daily in BNB

Thoreum Hero NFT works as a Community Bank, in the form of tradable NFTs. Our goal is to bring NFT holders the best yield available on the planet, around 1%* daily income in BNB sustainably.

Now, let’s talk about how the yields are generated. The Thoreum Hero NFT mechanism is running on the Thoreum BNB Miner. Everyday, there is 1 opportunity to deposit 0.2% of TVL (~3.45 BNB) to instantly win 100% of your deposited amount. So 200% of your deposited amount will be instantly credited to your account’s accumulated deposit

You also get 46% more thanks to the ‘new deposit buying power incentive’ on the 230th day in Miner (0.2% more buying power added every day for new deposits). Similarly, on the 300th day in Miner, you will get 60% more, and so on. As a result, on the 230th day, you get a total of 246% of your deposited amount, or your ROI time is 2.46 times faster than normal. But this prize is limited, only 1 opportunity a day, and requires an 3.45 BNB deposit to participate in.

Now the entry requirement is just ~1 BNB thanks to NFTs. When you purchase an Thoreum Hero NFT using 13 THOREUM-BNB LP (~1 BNB), we will combine the fund you used to mint NFTs with other users and deposit into WIN IT NOW to earn x2.46 times of the current BNB daily rewards at THOREUM BNB Miner.

The yield at THOREUM BNB Miner is 3%* THOREUM-BNB LP daily & the recommended strategy is to compound for 6 days and claim 1 day a week. Which means your claimed reward is 3% a week. Now with Thoreum Hero NFT, your claimed reward is x2.46 of 3% a week, equal to 7.38% weekly, or 1% daily!

You can easily convert your THOREUM-BNB LP rewards to BNB anytime with just one click.

(*This is expected yields because the daily reward can be automatically changed depending on players’ actions. The more users deposit the higher the daily return and the more users claim the lower the daily return.)

Community Bank with Sure Bet investments

As a Community Bank, the profit earned by everyone increases as more investors join the miner. The buying power bonus encourages new investors as it offers a fair rate between early and late investors, which ultimately results in increased total profit for both parties. New investors benefit from the accumulated deposits that are higher than their initial deposit due to the buying power bonus, while early investors continue to earn from new capital flow.

However, the yield rate of already-reached-100% ROI investors will decrease to balance between early and late investors. Nevertheless, you can still earn a risk-free profit. To increase your APR, you can deposit more capital into the miner, bringing benefits for both you and the whole system.

Along with many other sustainable mechanisms, THOREUM BNB Miner currently has more than 1700 BNB total value locked, running for more than 230 days and still counting! In the worst scenario as no one deposited, the miner could run itself in more than 400 days. Remember NFT holders can earn 1% daily income? Which means in the worst scenario, you still easily reached your 100% ROI and earned risk free profit after that.

Now we are witnessing new flows of capital into the THOREUM BNB Miner, making sure the lifetime of the miner will be at least 1 more year, then your Thoreum Hero NFT is a sure bet investment!

100% Guaranteed Buyback for your full initial deposit

Thoreum Hero NFT offers a 100% Guaranteed Buyback for your full initial deposit within 30 days of minting. This means that NFT holders can easily choose to get back their full initial deposit using the protocol’s guaranteed buyback, with cash flowing into their wallet immediately with just one click on our website. The only exception is the 8% deposit fee paid and shared with Thoreum Bank stakers.

If you decide to sell your NFT back to the protocol within the first 30 days, you will get back the full initial deposit amount minus the rewarded amount of your NFT. The NFT buyback price is calculated as the full initial deposit (minus an 8% deposit fee) minus the rewards received from NFT.

No capital locked, no staking needed

Thanks to our latest technology in the NFT industry, you can earn 1% in BNB daily just by holding Thoreum Hero NFT in your wallet without doing anything! Even if you list your NFT on any NFT marketplace, your NFT is still counted in your wallet, you continue to gain your passive income 1% BNB daily until it’s bought, and transferred to another wallet.

Easily trade on any NFT marketplace at anytime

Trade your NFT to BNB even after months of earning, and make extra layers of profit! Our Thoreum Hero NFTs have already listed on Open Sea — the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world!

Thoreum has a track record of delivering successfully on similar contracts, with Thoreum and affiliates protocols, where we paid our investors $18 Million value of Thoreum and $3.5 million value in Busd and BNB in the last 12 months, even in the middle of a bear market.

Numbers, statistics and sustainable evidence don’t lie, and those are all in favor of Thoreum Hero NFT. Grab your sure bet NFT now!

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