HOT NEWS: Thoreum Hero NFT is coming up with 1.5% daily rewards in BNB. 100% Zero-risk investment

Thoreum Capital
2 min readFeb 22, 2023

We’re launching a new innovative NFTs Defi system called Thoreum Hero NFT where you can use THOREUM-BNB LP to buy NFTs worth 13 THOREUM-BNB each. Then, you can hold these NFTs to gain 1.5%* daily in BNB (*Expected yields) without doing anything!

Another layer of profit is that your NFTs can be sold on any popular NFT marketplace anytime. No need to worry about having your deposit locked up for months to get yield!

100% Guaranteed Buyback for your full initial deposit ANYTIME during the first two months from the time you mint

Anytime, within 2 months from the time you mint, NFT holders can choose to get back full initial deposit using the protocol’s Guaranteed Buyback*, and have cash flowing into their wallet immediately, just by one click, right on our website!

* Except 8% deposit fee paid and shared to Thoreum Bank stakers

After that your NFT probably earned 90% of initial investment so buy back will not be meaningful.

⏰Less than 6 days and our minting Thoreum Hero NFT will start with only 500 NFTs available on Feb 28. Prepare your THOREUM-BNB for that launch day!



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