How Thoreum Outpaces BTC in Price Growth Throughout Bull and Bear Markets

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5 min readJan 26, 2024

In the exhilarating world of cryptocurrencies, where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye, Thoreum emerges as a beacon of stability and growth, offering compelling reasons why it outshines even the mighty Bitcoin (BTC) as the premier store of value token. This in-depth analysis delves into the intricate mechanisms and unique features that propel Thoreum to the forefront of the digital asset landscape.

Scarcity Engineered to Perfection

From its inception, Thoreum was designed with an inherent rarity in mind. Starting with a total supply of 50 million tokens, Thoreum has implemented ingenious deflationary mechanisms that have shrunk its circulating supply to a staggering 99.98%. The mastermind behind this feat is the AI Burning Mechanism, diligently consuming 1% of the daily supply. This relentless burning is further amplified by regular “burn parties,” occasionally reaching a monumental $112 million USD. With only 7200 Thoreum actively circulating, its scarcity intensifies with each passing moment, pushing its value ever upwards.

Outperforming BTC Across the Spectrum

Thoreum’s USD net value consistently outperforms both BTC and ETH, even in the harshest bear markets. During one such downturn, Thoreum doubled its returns compared to BTC, skyrocketing from $5000 to $12735 while BTC lagged behind at $6678. With a modest market cap of only 7 million USD, Thoreum is poised for an explosive pump during the next bull run, potentially outperforming BTC by a wide margin.

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AI-Powered Portfolio Rebalancing: A Game-Changer

In the ever-shifting crypto landscape, Thoreum has unveiled a groundbreaking AI portfolio rebalancing strategy, forging strategic partnerships with industry giants like BNB, Ethereum, and Solana. This strategic pairing not only bolsters Thoreum’s price stability but also minimizes risk by anchoring its value to the strongest currencies in the market. Unlike other tokens solely reliant on a single coin, Thoreum thrives on diversification, ensuring that even if one top coin falters, Thoreum’s value experiences only a moderate decline. This makes Thoreum a nearly indestructible “Sure Bet” token, vulnerable only to the unthinkable scenario of simultaneous collapses of its three pillars or a complete market-wide meltdown.

Furthermore, this strategic pairing with top coins essentially allows you to acquire ETH, BNB, and SOL at their current prices when you purchase Thoreum. It’s like investing in a diversified portfolio of three high-performing coins in one single token. During bullish seasons, where holding USD might just maintain its value or BTC might struggle to reach $200K (a potential x5 increase), Thoreum is projected to experience an astonishing x100 increase in value, a truly remarkable feat.

The most impressive aspect of this strategy lies in the AI mechanism’s ability to analyze the market and strategically buy long positions in top coins likely to surge while selling those predicted to decline. This proactive approach creates a long-term portfolio rebalancing strategy with moderate risk and immense upside potential. The evidence of this success lies in the AI-driven surge in Thoreum’s liquidity from $2 million to $3 million in just 20 days. This pioneering AI mechanism excels at balancing three major coins and acquiring promising tokens, marking a groundbreaking achievement in the crypto world.

Rewarding Loyalty: A Token for the Long Haul

In contrast to Bitcoin, where holders only benefit when new participants join, and those staying suffer losses when others exit, Thoreum is designed for loyal holders. The longer you hold Thoreum, the greater the advantage you gain from both incoming and outgoing participants through a unique transaction tax system. A 3% buy tax and a 20% sell tax contribute directly to liquidity, gradually enhancing price stability and incrementally raising Thoreum’s floor price. Additionally, Thoreum introduces a unique burn mechanism where 1% of each transaction is burned from the counterparty’s wallet, regardless of whether they are buying or selling. This innovative feature ensures that your Thoreum holdings remain unaffected by the burn, leading to a consistent increase in your share ratio on the market cap after each transaction.

Early investors and long-term holders stand to benefit the most from the comprehensive AI-driven mechanisms within the Thoreum ecosystem. The transaction tax, the strategic pairing with top coins, and the AI Portfolio rebalancing strategy work synergistically to create a dynamic and secure investment environment. This holistic approach sets Thoreum apart as the quintessential store of value token for the next generation of crypto enthusiasts, offering not just stability but also the potential for substantial long-term growth.

A Foundation of Stability: Protocol Owned Liquidity

One of Thoreum’s standout features is its vast liquidity, predominantly owned by the protocol itself rather than individual users. This unique approach ensures a steady and firm liquidity base, reducing the risk of sudden breaks or disruptions that may arise from individual user actions.

Thoreum’s liquidity is further enhanced by its low market capitalization, which currently stands at just 7 million USD. This low market cap makes Thoreum more susceptible to price volatility, but it also presents an opportunity for significant growth. As Thoreum’s adoption grows, its market cap is likely to increase, which would further bolster its liquidity and stability.

Thoreum’s protocol-owned liquidity and low market capitalization provide a strong foundation for stability and growth. These features make Thoreum a compelling investment for those seeking a store of value token that offers both stability and the potential for substantial long-term growth.


In today’s volatile crypto market, Thoreum stands out as a beacon of stability and growth. Its unique features and mechanisms make it a compelling investment for those seeking a store of value token that offers both stability and the potential for substantial long-term growth.

Here are some of the key reasons why Thoreum is poised to outperform Bitcoin and other altcoins in the years to come:

Increasing scarcity: Thoreum’s deflationary mechanisms are steadily shrinking its circulating supply, making it increasingly scarce and valuable.

Outperformance in both bull and bear markets: Thoreum has consistently outperformed Bitcoin in both bull and bear markets, suggesting that it is a more resilient investment.

AI-powered portfolio rebalancing: Thoreum’s AI-powered portfolio rebalancing strategy minimizes risk and enhances growth potential.

Protocol-owned liquidity: Thoreum’s protocol-owned liquidity provides a steady foundation for stability.

Low market capitalization: Thoreum’s low market capitalization presents an opportunity for significant growth.

Of course, there are no guarantees in the crypto market. However, based on its unique features and mechanisms, Thoreum is a strong contender to become the premier store of value token in the years to come.

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