Phase 1 of the Thoreum Hero NFT has ended successfully. All 500 NFTs SOLD OUT🚀

Thoreum Finance
1 min readMar 20


Phase 2 is starting soon!

💵Experience the ultimate passive income with 1% daily in THOREUM-BNB (you can convert to BNB simply by 1 click) just by holding your NFT in your wallet!

💰The mint price is 14.3 THOREUM-BNB LP (~1.15 BNB). The price will be 10% higher next phase

👑Phase 2 only has 133 NFTs available, so act fast to secure your exclusive spot as a Thoreum Hero!

Why is the Thoreum Hero NFT so special?

1. No staking needed — simply hold your NFT and earn ~1% daily income in BNB!

2. Need to cash out? No problem! You can get a full initial deposit refund (minus deposit fee) at any time within the first 30 days.

3. Claim your cash daily, and watch your earnings grow!

4. You can trade your NFT on any NFT Marketplace at any time, with no capital locked in, and make extra layers of profit.

5. And the cherry on top? Your Thoreum Hero NFT is backed by a whopping 1850 BNB TVL of Thoreum BNB Miner

Get ready now!



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