Thoreum Capital
1 min readFeb 27, 2023

Dear all Thoreons,

To enhance the project’s longevity and optimize benefits to all investors, the Guaranteed Buyback Campaign has been adjusted as follows:

1. The valid duration will be adjusted to 1 month from mint time instead of 2 fixed months of campaign. That means within 1 month from the time you mint, you can get a full initial deposit refund (Except 8% deposit fee paid to Thoreum Bank stakers) ANYTIME you want, using the protocol’s Guaranteed Buyback.

Thanks to this adjustment, the buyback fund is distributed more efficiently. It not only covers your 30 days Guaranteed Buyback but also lengthens the valid time of this buyback campaign to forever! Which means.. 👇

2. All investors joining us anytime are qualified for this 1 month Guaranteed Buyback Campaign, instead of only 2 months since NFT launch like before. The zero-risk-investment privilege is guaranteed for both early and new investors, for all investors!

The Thoreum Hero NFT scope will start with only 500 NFTs on Feb 28. Prepare your THOREUM-BNB for that launch day!




Thoreum Capital

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