Thoreum invested 1,000 BNB worth $500,630 USD in $MVC Multi-chain farming

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2 min readJan 21, 2022

According to our strategic agreement between Thoreum and MVC, after completing upgrading to V2, THOREUM Venture Capital invested 1,000 BNB (worth $501,630 at the time of writing) into MVC multi-chain farming fund on Jan 16th 2022! MVC total treasury has now officially exceeded $1M US🚀

(Transaction detail:

The new fund will be invested in the highest yield farms, across multiple block-chains such as Metis, Near, Aurora, Comos. Thoreum has been very impressed by MVC's performance with 140% profit, (from $270K seller’s tax as capital to $550K treasury & $77K bought-back) in just 5 weeks and is ready to invest $500K more if this investment plays well.

Thoreum is more geared to passive income & stable growth fund in any situation while MVC is geared to aggressive growth in any opportunities we find. We expect that our initial $500,000+ USD can be multiplied to $5M USD at our treasury within this year!

According to expert analysis, MVC is the fastest growing FaaS both in price performance and treasury profit on all blockchains! In other words, MVC holders are investing in the best opportunity hunters and profit maximizers across all FaaS (Farming as a Service) sites in existence

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MVC has reached $1M in just 5 weeks, let’s see how fast it can grow this $1M farming fund to $2M.

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