THOREUM LP Pool Updates🚀

Thoreum Capital
2 min readMar 17, 2024

Due to technical issues, the thoreum-ETH and thoreum-BNB pools on PancakeSwap are currently unavailable for trading. This is unavoidable, and we didn’t expect it.

To ensure the stability of the system, we have decided to make the following changes:

• thoreum-ETH on PancakeSwap will be moved to Biswap.

• thoreum-BNB will be replaced with thoreum-SOL on PancakeSwap.

We chose to move to thoreum-SOL because we were unable to move to thoreum-BNB on Biswap due to the same technical issues. We also believe that SOL has a greater growth potential than BNB, as evidenced by its strong performance during the recent market downturn.

🚨The 2 LP pools: Thoreum-BNB & Thoreum-ETH are temporary locked to transfer to new LP pools. You can still swap Thoreum to SOL, USDT… normally on PancakeSwap because the Thoreum-SOL pool, Thoreum-USDT pool, and 10 other pools are still running on PancakeSwap.

🛠During the maintenance and upgrade period:Thoreum bank, BNB miner & ETH miner will be temporarily inactive for the next 3 days. The transition process for your bank and miner holdings will be automatic. For those holding Thoreum-BNB & Thoreum-ETH in your wallet, you can migrate these pairs on our website with just one click after the upgrade is completed.

💹After this process, the value of Thoreum in your bank and miner will increase more rapidly due to the expected much higher rate of increase in the value of SOL compared to BNB.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to soar to new heights with THOREUM! 🌟



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