$THOREUM (price in BNB) Pumps during bear market🚀

$THOREUM is the World highest burning deflationary token with the aggressive burn of 25% every sell. This burn will quickly increase THOREUM’s scarcity due to a limited supply of 50 million tokens, of which 63.28% has been burned🔥

THOREUM will also increase value over time thanks to its pairing with BNB in the liquidity pool. BNB is in dip and will soon jump up, and so will THOREUM 🚀

There’s no better time to accumulate than now. THOREUM-BNB LP rewards keep printing 3%-10% daily at BNB Garden V2 & THOREUM BNB Miner 🤑



Thoreum Capital

The first AI auto-balances top assets for potential gain maximization and time savings. Hyper deflationary 1% daily burn,limited supply https://thoreum.capital/