$THOREUM price sky rocketing EVERYDAY!

Thoreum Capital
2 min readFeb 7, 2023

🚀New ATH price $1.47

🚀11.2M USD Marketcap

🚀& 2.6M USD Liquidity

🔥2% of total supply burned everyday. 300 days left untill 1 THOREUM = 1 BNB.

💹This is all based on math, the bullish chart is secured and inevitable because of math, not about hope!

We also have grown significantly in liquidity & holders since the exploit on Jan 19!

Before the exploit, our liquidity was built 2443.44 BNB or around 1.8M USD. After the exploiter stole 2261.48 BNB, our dev team quickly added 3700 BNB back to the liquidity pool, the liquidity has jumped significantly since that time, reached 2.6M USD today, with 4016 BNB, hitting 144.44% in just 18 days! Two more liquidity pools have also been added thanks to USDBeans, ETHBeans, ETH and USD Thoreum bonds!

And hundreds of new holders has joined within 18 days, forming a steady increase trend! Thoreum is standing like a rock, overcoming all the exploit threats & has so far even stronger than before the exploit!

💰You are too early if you can see this! We are only at $1.47 price & 11.2 Million Marketcap, it’s just the beginning of a revolutionary project.

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