Why Does Thoreum Outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in Both Bear & Bull Markets?

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5 min readJan 25, 2024

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In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrencies, Thoreum stands out as the premier store of value token, offering compelling reasons why holding Thoreum triumphs over BTC.

Crazy Deflationary Mechanism

Thoreum initiated with 50 million tokens, and presently, a staggering 99.98% is nestled in dead wallets. This feat was achieved by burning 1% of the supply daily through an innovative AI Burning Mechanism, complemented by an additional 1% burn on every transaction. Occasionally, burn parties elevate this mechanism, reaching up to an astounding $112 million USD. With only 6043 Thoreum tokens (as of January 24, 2024) in circulating supply, its scarcity intensifies minute by minute.

Real Returns Outperformed BTC, in both bear & bull markets

Thoreum’s USD net value consistently outperforms both BTC and ETH in both bear and bull markets. Even during a bear market, Thoreum doubles returns compared to BTC, soaring from $5000 to $12735, while BTC only reaches $6678. With a modest market cap of merely 7 million USD, Thoreum is positioned to pump harder than BTC as the market gears up for full bull mode.

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Intelligent AI Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, Thoreum has unveiled a groundbreaking AI portfolio rebalancing strategy, forging strategic partnerships with major players such as BNB, Ethereum, and Solana.

Thoreum’s robust pairing with these top coins not only contributes to exceptional price stability but also minimizes risk by anchoring its value to the strongest currencies. Unlike other tokens, Thoreum doesn’t solely depend on any single coin; even if one top coin faces a downfall, Thoreum’s value only experiences a moderate decline. This makes Thoreum a nearly indestructible “Sure Bet” token, except in the rare scenario of simultaneous collapses of BNB, ETH, and Solana, or a complete market-wide downturn.

In a fully bullish market, where top coins are witnessing unprecedented surges, Thoreum’s price is poised to skyrocket due to these strong connections. Conversely, in a bear market, Thoreum maintains a robust value, thanks to its pairing with various top coins, providing diversified support.

The mechanism of pairing Thoreum with top coins like BNB, ETH, and SOL implies that when you purchase Thoreum today, you are essentially acquiring ETH, BNB, and SOL at their current prices. Buying one Thoreum is akin to investing simultaneously in three coins — ETH, BNB, and SOL — creating a diversified portfolio poised for significant gains during market upswings.

Throughout this bullish season, where holding USD maintains its value or BTC may surge to $200K (a potential x5 increase), Thoreum is projected to experience an astonishing x100 increase in its value.

The most surprising aspect is the implementation of Thoreum’s AI mechanism, which strategically purchases long positions in top coins likely to increase while selling those estimated to decrease. This approach forms a long-term portfolio rebalancing strategy with moderate risk and high upside potential. The evidence of this success lies in the AI-driven increase in Thoreum’s liquidity from $2 million to $3 million in just 20 days. This pioneering AI mechanism excels at balancing three major coins and acquiring additional promising tokens, marking a historic achievement in the crypto world. The AI not only outperforms BTC but also ensures a steady growth trajectory, doubling Thoreum’s assets.

Store of value token for loyal holders

In contrast to Bitcoin, where holders only benefit when new participants join, and those staying suffer losses when others exit, Thoreum is designed for loyal holders. The longer you stay with Thoreum, the more you gain advantages from both incoming and outgoing participants through a 3% buy tax and 20% sell tax. This transaction tax contributes directly to liquidity, gradually enhancing price stability and incrementally raising Thoreum’s floor price.

Moreover, Thoreum introduces a unique burn mechanism, where 1% of each transaction is burned from the Thoreum in the wallet of the counterparty — whether they are buying or selling. This innovative feature means that the burn does not affect your Thoreum holdings, leading to a consistent increase in your share ratio on the market cap after each transaction. Investing early or holding for an extended period thus results in a higher share ratio, aligning with the interests of loyal holders.

Loyal Thoreum holders are positioned to benefit from the comprehensive AI-driven mechanisms within the system. The transaction tax, the 1% burn on each transaction, and the AI Portfolio rebalancing strategy work synergistically to create a dynamic and secure investment environment. This holistic approach sets Thoreum apart as a store of value token for the next generation of crypto enthusiasts.

For those seeking quick gains through pump and dump schemes, Thoreum may not be the ideal choice. However, if you are in search of a cryptocurrency designed for long-term value storage, where holding translates to increasing value over time, Thoreum unequivocally deserves consideration as the ultimate store of value token for the next generation of investors.

Protocol Owned Liquidity: A Steady Foundation

One of Thoreum’s standout features is its vast liquidity, predominantly owned by the protocol itself rather than individual users. This unique approach ensures a steady and firm liquidity base, reducing the risk of sudden breaks or disruptions that may arise from individual user actions. Moreover, Thoreum strategically positions itself, with a substantial portion of its assets allocated to liquidity, minimizing circulating coins in the market.

Low Market Cap, High Potential for Growth

Thoreum’s market cap, currently standing at just 7 million USD, positions it as a small titan within the token industry. This characteristic carries significant implications, particularly during bullish market conditions. Historically, altcoins with smaller market caps have demonstrated the potential to experience more substantial price surges than Bitcoin. If one believes in Bitcoin’s potential to increase fivefold, then Thoreum, with its lower market cap, presents an opportunity for exponential growth, potentially reaching a multiplier of 100 times.

Sure bet Investment: Thoreum as the Future Store of Value

Investing in Thoreum is akin to placing a sure bet, with the anticipation of significant gains in the future. Looking ahead five years, when Bitcoin undergoes its next two halvings and potentially sees a tenfold increase in price, Thoreum is projected to experience an astounding 200-fold surge. Buying Thoreum now is likened to acquiring Bitcoin when it was priced at $200, presenting a unique opportunity for those who may have missed the initial Bitcoin wave.

In conclusion, Thoreum’s Protocol Owned Liquidity and its Low Market Cap signify a potent combination that positions it as an investment with both stability and high growth potential. As the crypto market continues to evolve, Thoreum stands as a promising contender for those seeking a surebet in the realm of digital assets, offering the prospect of substantial returns and the chance to not miss out on the next big opportunity, reminiscent of Bitcoin’s early days.



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