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THOREUM’S Higher Static Rewards & Automatic True Burn & Buy Back will rewards holders greatly and keep price up in the long term.

The purpose of Thoreum is to be the worlds first TRUE hyper deflationary token, the best coin for HODLING. Thoreum automatic TRUE burn & buy back has brought Thoreum to a next level of Safemoon 2.0.

1. Static rewards: Safemoon 2,5% — THOREUM ☀️20%. Hodl THOREUM in wallet bring 8x Higher Rewards to Hodlers than Safemoon.

🔸Safemoon: 10% transfer tax is split into two parts: 5% to hodlers ( including Burn Address with 50% of total supply), so in fact just 2.5% static rewards come back to hodlers.

🔸Thoreum: full 2% reflection to hodlers, Burn Address is not included (since burning is done separately as described in next point).

🔸Because 90%++ Thoreum is staked in Midgard pools & Thunder farm ( 1,78 Bil Thoreum locked per 1,97 Bil total supply, this is the number as of 22nd Jun 2021) and these pools and farms are excluded from rewards → this 2% static rewards is only distributed to 1/10 of total supply ( Circulating = 194M, Total Supply = 1,97B) → in fact if you hold THOREUM in your wallet you get x10 * 2% = 20% of total static rewards.

THOREUM statistics as of 24th Jun 2021

2. Burn rate: Safemoon 2.5% — THOREUM ☀️8%. THOREUM burns 3.2x faster than SAFEMOON.

🔸Safemoon: 2.5% burn per transaction by sending to Dead Address — reducing total supply, making Safemoon more rarer, but not actually increase price.

🔸Thoreum: 8% sold to get BNB automatically, and reserved in Thoreum contract for buying back and burn. Making THOREUM both rarer and priced higher because of buy transaction.

3. TRUE Burn & Buy Back: THOREUM ☀️1 — SAFEMOON 0.

🔸Tradititonal burning mechanism like Safemoon is NOT TRUE burn:

  1. Burning is a fancy hypeword that people like to hear, however,
  2. The idea with those burns is that in theory… there are less coins to go around so they should be worth more…
  3. The only benefit of sending those coins to a burned address is really that they are removed from circulating supply, they cannot be sold or dumped again — which does have some benefit
  4. But you don’t see an actual increase in the value of your coins, in many coins with burning mechanism price still going down and down without coming back
  5. Traditional “burning” does not actually increase the value or price per coin!!!!

🔸Why Thoreum is TRUE Burn & Automatic Buy Back

  1. 8% of each transaction is spent to buy BNB and stored in Thoreum contract, we called it THOR
  2. For every sell >1000 tokens on the market , THOR used his stored BNB to place a buy order of Thoreum, and send it immediately to Burn Address. We call this his Thunder.
  3. Because THOR used his BNB to buy back, he automatically removes coins from the Thoreum-BNB liquidity pool by buying and burning them.
  4. And ADDING his BNB into the liquidity pool
  5. This gives an IMMEDIATE price increase and can trigger more buy on the market by trader’s excitement when price pump.
  6. For all other projects….. when they “burn” coins it is not a real true burn.
  7. With our TRUE burn method you see an immediate price increase because those coins are pulled right out of the liquidity pool, replaced with more BNB and then burned.
  8. This THOR THUNDER has triple effect: reduce total supply + add BNB to liquidity pool + increase price immediately.

4. Tax-free Farming: THOREUM ☀️1 — SAFEMOON 0.

🔸When Safemoon and other coins of its type enter a farm, each deposit/withdraw/harvest transaction is taxed 10% fee, make it practically unable to farm because you lose 20% get in and get out any farm.

🔸THOREUM is the first reflective token that you can farm in other yield farms tax-free using our special “Thunder Alliance” mechanism. We have Thunder Farms with tax free ( not 10% tax any more), fee free staking, and user entering a Thunder Farms pool without paying anything and get out without paying anything.

We are also partnering with reputable farms that known for their safe, non-rug pull environment, and white list their Masterchef from Fee so you can stake THOREUM and earn their tokens without paying 10% deposit/withdraw/harvest tx fee like Safemoon and other reflective tokens.

5. Earn statics rewards even while staking in pool: THOREUM ☀️1 — SAFEMOON 0

🔸When Safemoon and other coins of its type enter a farm, not only holders has to pay 20% fee to get in and get out, but also they cannot receive their static rewards, because now the owner address of their tokens is not their wallet address any more.

🔸THOREUM is the first coin of its kind to offer double staking rewards using our special “Thunder Boost” technology: Place your THOREUM in one of our “Thunder Boost” earning pools to earn 3rd-party tokens such as BNB, BUSD… Even now THOREUM is not in your wallet you still continuing to collect your automatic holding rewards as if the coin is still in your wallet, plus you continue to earn the staking rewards in Thunder Boost pools. Incredible!

6. Liquidity mining = chance for late investors: THOREUM ☀️1 — SAFEMOON 0

🔸 Safemoon comes out with total supply is distributed 100% to team & presale buyers, making early owner a great advantage over late investors. Even when price can pump x1000, the late buyers can only x10 or x5 their investment.

🔸Thoreum comes out with just 25% of total supply is distributed to presale buyers, team just get 2.4%. So other 75% is still out there to be owned by new comer in 30 days using Liquidity Mining. New comer can be sure that they still have a chance to get Thoreum at a reasonable price buy mining it.

HODLers to benefit greatly from True Burn & Automatic Buy Back & many THOREUM’s innovative features

⚡️The purpose of Thoreum is to be the worlds first TRUE hyper deflationary token. The enhancement has made Thoreum the next Safemoon 2.0 you’ve been long waiting for.




Thoreum Finance

Multichain Store of Value & Hyper Deflationary Token. 2% Supply Burned Daily by AI. https://thoreum.ai/