Why we target 15,000 BNB Presale?

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3 min readJun 19, 2021


1. THOREUM is designed for holding, and I put on this project a long term vision and commitment. Witnessing market response to presale 1 and presale 2, I am determined to continue with presale 3 and raise a total of 15000 BNB presale fund to realize project full potentials and maximize benefits for investors.

2. Why 15,000 BNB is better than 12,000 BNB?
- 40% of presale fund is to Create Unbeatable Thunder Farm Fund
- 6000 BNB funding is definitely unrivaled privilege for Thoreum hodlers: stake Thoreum, earn precious tokens such as BNB, BUSD, etc.
- No competitor on the market can match this, Thoreum holders will get much more reasons to hold the coin and earn, much less selling pressure from the start
- Have you ever seen any farming project open Thunder farm even before farming start?

3. 40% to Marketing Fund
- If you follow me from Garuda and Cerberus projects, you will see our marketing always working very hard behind the scene to make our name known every where.
- Even before the project started, marketing works around the clock to bring quality and wide exposure of Thoreum to the public, continuously attracting new investors up till now;
- Daily video, community building activities, and weekly campaigns are created to motivate and support investors (meme, retweet, lucky draw, giveaway, etc.).
- More marketing is in plan and being executed, with big fund from presale you will be sure that our marketing can break many barriers that needed to make Thoreum the coin everyone wanted.

4. 10% to Liquidity Pool
- The more BNB we get from Presale fund, the bigger the liquidity creation
- A big liquidity pool right from the start would stabilize the price for Thoreum, make investors more confident to hold Thoreum.
- Too big liquidity cannot make price pump, so we decided to make it around 1Mil USD, that’s why 15000 BNB is perfect for this number.

5. 10% to Dev Fund
- Ensure top quality and long term development of the project, with thorough testing, audits, and reviews by specialists. Dev team is working days and nights behind the scene as the presale happens.
- We are determined to make the best contracts, both in terms of tokenomics and security, our new Masterchef is the most secured MC on the market (details will be published later) and our new token has the most advanced tokenomics on the market, it takes talented devs in many fields to join force.
- A high-end audit is going on besides TechRate audit. This is taking time, but all good things take time and come to those who wait. Quality is our ultimate purpose.

6. In addition, the presale time allows more people to get to know the project and own $THOREUM tokens than a few whales with big bags, it is healthier for the growth of THOREUM.

Still, with all the efforts that we can strive to make, it is your patience and support that we need to realize Thoreum’s max potenitals and make all this happen. Give Thoreum the exposure, moral support and time to evolve into the next Safe Moon 2.0, and even better!

Zeus Thunder⚡️




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