Welcome to Thoreum BNB Miner newest feature: Lottery!

🎁Win daily lottery draw by acquiring tickets from and compounding.

🍀Each 1 LP deposited, you will earn 10 lottery ticket.

🍀Each 1 LP compounded, you will earn 1 lottery ticket.

🍀Maximum number of tickets per day is 1,000 / 1 user.

🍀The lottery prize amount is determined by 0.2% of total pool balance.

Once you’ve made the deposit, those tickets from depositing only count for the day of deposit. On the following day, if you don’t have enough LP deposited or compounded to earn you a lottery ticket, you will not earn a ticket.

👉Starting time: You can deposit or compound now to earn tickets for our first Lottery at 14:31 UTC Oct 20!

Deposit 1 THOREUM-BNB LP ($21.511), you will earn 10 lottery tickets to win 3.21 BNB! 👉 https://thoreum.capital/thoreum-bnb-miner

Good luck🍀